About Me

Welcome, My name is  Paul Aiken…

Who am I ? Hummm, interesting question.. I am Me. I could bullshit you and you’ll  still not “know me”. To you, I am who I choose to show you. We are all different to each other based on our interaction . Think about it, the shit you tell your best friends is not the same shit you feed your family or colleagues.  We all are different to each other based on our relationships and levels of trust. But for the sake of just filling the “about me” box… this is what I want you to know about me, today… and if you decide to spare some of your precious surfing time away for watching your cat videos, tits & ass videos and read my post, you might actually become a little more mentally stimulated, the very least, you will see how I see the world, what makes me tick and what ticks me off.

I am a Photoartist, an entrepreneur, a father of two, a husband, well traveled, highly enlightened, unconventional, never in a box, liberal thinker and I cant write to save my life. This is why I have no idea why I decided to blog…well actually,  I know that I have opinions and a burning desire to share. So lets take a mental journey together. 🙂