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Just my opinions on how I see interactions between married and unmarried couples and how society expects us to behave based on someone’s limited believe or their world view.

Ladies, are you a Financial Prisoner?



Are you a FINANCIAL PRISONER?  The title addresses women however this can apply to anyone, but for the sake of keeping this post brief, I would like to focus on women, and more specifically married women.

First,  I would like to stress that what I am about to say will make some people feel uncomfortable, but will hopefully open your eyes to a worldwide problem that I have witnessed in my life of observation.

So, what is a Financial Prisoner? It is my definition of “someone who cannot get out (confined) to a situation because they can’t afford to or don’t have the financial means to do so. Anyone could be a financial prisoner. I have always said “Money does not Buy Happiness, it Buys you FREEDOM” Freedom IS A FORM OF Happiness.”

During my life experience, I have met many wealthy, unhappy people and numerous happy,  poor people. The one common denominator is Freedom.

Some examples of a financial prisoner? I think the most popular Financial Prisoner is the person who can’t leave a job they hate because they can’t afford to do so. However, you can also be a financial prisoner to your home because you can’t afford to go out. You can be an FP to your country because you can’t afford to travel outside it etc.  Hey, you and I both know we rarely see a rich person spend time in jail because they can afford to pay the best lawyers and post whatever bail that is required.

But the FP, I would like to focus on is the Female Financial Prisoner. The wife or lover who has to stay with the cheating, abusive husband, who has been providing the financial support for the entire family but has not invested a cent into giving his wife the time or support to grow financially or intellectually.

There are two types of women I have encountered in this situation. The woman who has given up her career to have kids and become a homemaker and have not invested any money or time her husband has given her. Then after many years,  the marriage has taken a turn for the worst, and she can’t afford to leave. Forgive me but, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for these short-sighted women. They have a closet full of clothes and shoes, have tasted every different type of cappuccino and been to every, gym, pilates and hot yoga class, but never invested a dime into securing her financial freedom thinking the money train will never stop, until it does.

The second is the wife who has a husband who has provided her nothing but the bare minimum to support the household and not paid her (salary) to take care of the home. He uses financial shackles to keep control of her intentionally. This woman have my sympathy because she didn’t have much of a choice. Tradition or culture convinced her that she would not be a good wife or mother if she were not at home taking care of her husband and kids.

Ladies, please take some advice and find a part time job or better yet a little online business to earn a few dollars a day. Trust me. Eventually, it will add up, and you will have OPTIONS. Options is another word for FREEDOM.   I have introduced a few people to online businesses that require little or no financial investment and very little time, but because they all need time to build a significant amount, some reject the idea. My question to them all is this, What other options do you have?  You can stay and suffer, and still be broke sitting in a relationship you want out of for another 2-5 year or in the mean time start earning and saving a few dollars over those same 2-5 years. You will be amazed by how dimes can become dollars over time.  But, hey, I don’t want to be Mr. Negative, hopefully, you would have worked out the problems with your relationship, but if you didn’t, you will have another Option or FREEDOM.