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Time is not only Money…Time is Life

What is obvious but must people ignore… TIME is NOT MONEY as the saying goes, It is more important than that..TIME IS LIFE…This only becomes very clear when you are at the end of your life with a terminal illness or old age unfortunately.
Yesterday a dear friend of mind was telling me how he waited, as a favour for 5 hours sitting in a government office, because the person he was helping forgot the appointment that was originally set. So they had to wait for 5 hours before being seen. I asked “did you get anything else done while you waited?” . He replied, No…
Now, I respect the fact that we all have to make minor sacrifices for others however, giving that much time to someone is not advisable even if the person is a family member. If you want to accomplish more in your personal life, stop others from stealing your TIME/LIFE. It might sound like a small thing when you wait 15 mins here and there, however if you start becoming aware of how much others steal little pieces of your time/life and then add it up by the week, you will soon see where you are wasting time that could be used for starting something big.
I HAVE NO TIME is the second most common excuse people give for not starting a business. TIP… Start being time aware, by logging every hour of the day for one week to see how much LIFE you are wasting on other people issues. 🙂