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If the first question you ask is “When would I make my money back?” Entrepreneurship is not for you.


As I speak more to groups and individuals on the outstanding benefits of  entrepreneurship online vs traditional, this is the question I am asked. When do I make my money back? I have to bite my tongue to hold back my frustration because I know that this individual has been trained and programmed to think  as an employee, who expects his/her pay check on a particular date.

I also blame the internet and all the get rich quick ads we are constantly bombarded with. The internet is both a blessing for opportunities and a curse because of the “extreme promises” to lure people to take action.

I love to compare the game of entrepreneurship to fitness.  1. Both requires your daily attention i.e. diet and exercise 2.  only you can do it to succeed i.e. no one can do the exercise for you and If you are not watching your business someone will screw it up (trust me I have been there).  

All the Ads  regarding how fast you can loose weight and get a six-pack is the same bullshit you hear about how fast you can make money online. Granted, you can loose weight fast and  make money but the chances of you getting hurt in the process are equally great.

In reality an online business is exactly what it is, “A Business “. With any business you invest and build until you can pull a salary without destroying the very thing that is paying you. In today’s climate, I expect to build my online business assets between  5- 10% PER MONTH. To me that is more than exceptional when my bank investments are only paying me  0.25%-2% PER YEAR.  If anyone is making anymore than this please make me know so I can fire my investment bankers.

Patience and discipline is the key to being a successful entrepreneur, regardless if you are a brick and mortar or a digital investor. Find a company which operates or provide a product that wont die, investigate it’s track record, and only invest a small amount that you can afford to loose if it goes bust. Find a few of these companies and spread a few dollars among them. If one does go bust look at it as a lesson learnt and move on to another.  I am currently invested in three (3) solid companies that have great track records and one (1) that has just started up that is offering great returns, that is why I am taking the risk. If you are interested in knowing more send me an email and I will share.

These are just my opinions and not business advise. Go forth, take a risk and enjoy the rush of trying something new to move you closer to better financial life.